IT Careers in the Digital Age, Presented by Dr Shanton Chang from The University of Melbourne


Dear student,
You are invited to attend a presentation by the University of Melbourne’s Dr Shanton Chang, which will look at trends in IT and what it means for Careers in IT for the near future.
The session seeks to provide insights into skills that might be needed in the medium to long term. There will be opportunities to discuss what IT careers might look like and where the jobs will be.
The IT sector is a complex one and often filled with myths and not facts in the media, so this session seeks to clarify questions participants might have about the opportunities that are available and also the types of skills that will help them progress their careers in the future.
Dr Shanton Chang is a senior lecturer in the Department of Computing and Information Systems. Dr Chang’s research interests include young people’s online behaviour and its impact on education, mental well-being and social networking, health informatics and information needs, and information systems security.
Dr Shanton Chang is also Vice-President (Professional Development) of the ISANA International Education Association and Co-Convenor, Special Interest Group on Internationalisation of the Curriculum, International Education Association of Australia.
Please RSVP by Friday 5th September, to Ms. Ong Kar Yee at