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How to Apply and get Accepted into
Institution of your choice!

Our aim is to provide students with quality services to secure a place in the right and reputable university.  As students will have difficulties in choosing institutions; AUG will be there to assist students in placing them into suitable institutions based on their academic performance.
AUG will be with you all the way through this path:-

Step 1 : Visit or Contact your nearest AUG Office

Our trained and experience counselors will listen to your academic and personal needs and suggest the best options for you. They will provide you with information concerning admissions and entry requirements prior to lodging your application.

Step 2 : Submitting your application to institutions with AUG

Apply to the education institution of your choice through AUG office. Please note that you may be required to pay application fees for certain institutions.

Step 3 : Receiving your Letter of Offer

Successful applicants will receive a letter of offer from the institution. You will then be requested to accept or decline the offer before the deadline stated on the letter.

Step 4 : Accepting your offer

When you have made your decision to accept the offer to the education institution of your choice; you can proceed to pay the fees indicated on the letter of offer.

Step 5 : Confirmation of enrolment

Upon payment of fees, you will receive a letter of enrolment from your institution. This confirmation of enrolment is compulsory for student visa application. Once your student visa is approved, AUG will assist in applying for your accommodation, flight booking and airport reception.

  • There are application deadlines for most institutions. You should take note of these deadlines, as any applications received after the closing dates will be strictly rejected by the institutions.
  • You need to make a prompt decision on your offer from institutions as there are closing dates for acceptance of offer too.
  • AUG has student activities & marketing events throughout the year. This serves as a platform for students to widen their social network. Students can also get personal consultations from our multilingual staff and institution representatives.
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