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Student Testimony

AUG is proud to be part of Goh Shu Yin career journey


Travelling 6000km away from home to Adelaide to start a brand new journey wasn’t an easy thing. Of course, getting homesick is one of the biggest challenges that i need to cope with. Luckily with the friendly people around me (my peers + accomodation staffs + head of faculty + my cello tutor etc.) being kind to helped me get through my home sickness.

Many students feel hesitant to get out from their comfort zone because they afraid they would feel alone, but living in Adelaide as an international student I would never feel alone, and I always feel like I live in a big family, meeting new friends that we could take care of each other and always help each other when needed.

Also, living abroad would me a great experience in my life because it’s a chance for me to be more independent, and also let me have better time management.

It’s a really good study experience being a music student in The University of Adelaide. I have learn the things that I never thought of before and the improvement in my playing is surprisingly huge. There is a big change in my technique and how I interpret the music. I’ve got a recital concert back home in Malaysia last year, and some of the audience who heard me play before were surprised about my improvement. I really appreciate that I have opportunity to study Adelaide.

A very big thanks to AUG for helping me in processing the application, i’m so lost when I looking ways to apply for university, AUG’s staffs are responsible and responsive. I think my application process would never have gone smoothly if it wasn’t for AUG.

Goh Shu Yin – University of Adelaide, Bachelor of Music (Music Performance)