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Foundation Studies

This is a form pre-university education and is equivalent to Year 12 or high school. This program is normally undertaken by students who have just completed their secondary education. Foundation studies often provide courses that are more in line with university curriculum and offer more support for student to excel in their studies. Student who have completed this program can gain entry into either a university or vocational institute if their results meet the requirement.


This is offered by a college affiliated with the university and can be completed within one to two years, depending on your qualifications. Diploma programs often more personal teaching and support to students (for example, diploma class size and more contact hours with lecturers/tutors). For example, diploma classes are made up of a three-hour lecturers and three-hour tutorial ratio (as compared to a two-hour lecture and one-hour tutorial in university). Thus, A diploma program will provide a stronger base for international students to learn and adapt to the Australian environment.

Foundation & Diploma Pathway

AUG study Pathway

  1. Student graduated from High School Year 12 will be eligible direct entry to Year 1 Undergraduate Bachelor Degree if met ENTER SCORE
  2. Student will have option to study Diploma if not eligible for direct entry to Year 1 Undergraduate Bachelor Degree
  3. Upon completion of successful completion of the
    foundation studies, you may also choose to undertake the Diploma option which articulate into the Year 2 Undergraduate Bachelor
  4. Year 11 Student qualification or equivalent will need to commence Foundation Studies if Year 12 if completed prior to Year 1 Undergraduate Bachelor Degree.
  5. Upon completion of Diploma studies; student will be eligible for Year 2 (*if conditions are met)
AUG study
AUG study in Griffith university
AUG study in UNSW