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International students enjoy studying in Singapore because they have access to the wonderful ethnic districts such as Little India, Chinatown, and Malay Village which exudes flavours of the culture, diversity, and history of Singapore. English is an official language in Singapore but Mandarin is also widely spoken, which is an attraction for many students.
Singapore enjoys a strategic location that serves as a hub for exploring the Southeast Asia.  With a thriving arts and cultural scene, Singapore features top artists from all over the world.

Singapore has more than 90,000 professional expatriates living and working in Singapore, they too bring their unique cultures and perspectives, adding colour and vibrancy to cosmopolitan Singapore.

Singapore’s high standards of living is also something that students can be assured of. In a survey reported in The Economist in March 2002, Singapore’s quality of life surpassed that of London or New York. Thirty-nine factors were considered, including political stability, personal freedom, air pollution and the quality of healthcare, schools, restaurants and theatres.

Singapore may seem small in comparison to the rest of the world but this island state bustles with activities all year long.  Dining out and shopping are the top two-rated activities for local Singaporeans.  This is reflected in the astounding range of delicacies as well as the proliferation of shops in the city and suburban centre.

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