Why Study in Switzerland

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If you are looking to study in a country that is famous for its high quality educational system, with a totally assorted culture and adventurous activities all in a breathtaking environment – Switzerland is your destination.  Interesting note – it was in Switzerland that Albert Einstein gained his technical qualifications and found the inspiration to develop this theory of relativity.

Most Swiss universities structure their academic year in three term periods that run from early September to December, late January to early May, and late May to July respectively.   As a European business hub, several courses have links with locally based businesses that cannot be beaten. Some universities specialise in banking, machine tool and engineering while others have expertise in chemical and pharmaceutical engineering.

Due to the fact that Switzerland is small as a country but situated strategically in the centre of Europe, students can explore the surrounding regions easily with the minimum amount of travel.  For those who are adrenaline-driven, Switzerland offers a wealth of activities available throughout the four seasons that will interest even the most lethargic of personalities.

Switzerland is an ideal location if you enjoy outdoor pursuits. The Swiss Alps provide a picture-perfect backdrop and you will find a wealth of activities available throughout the four seasons that will interest even the most lackluster of personalities.

Institutions in Switzerland offer a variety of recreational activities for their students. Apart from this, students are entitled to various discounts at theatres, cafes and various museums. In general, students would only need about 100-150 Swiss Francs per week in order to sample a delectable range of activities that Switzerland has to offer.  Many of the colleges are situated around the Alps, which means students can enjoy the opportunity to learn to ski or snowboard at a convenient time!

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