How much does it cost to study Overseas?

Destination Course Fees (per annum)
Humanities, Business, Sciences & Engineering
Course Fees (per annum)
Medicine, Pharmacy & Dentistry
Living Cost (per annum)
Australia AUD$12,000 – $30,000 AUD$40,000 – $65,000 AUD$15,000 – $20,000
UK £9,000 – £15,000 £18,000 – £ 22,000 £6,500 – £11,000
Switzerland CHF20,000 – CHF25,000

CSF20,000 – 28,000
Malaysia RM30,000 – RM40,000 RM80,000 – RM100,000 RM12,000 – RM18,000

*Please note that the figures are estimated cost only and may varies depending on lifestyle of student.

How do I find out more about the institutions which offer courses that I am interested?

You can find all the information that you seek for at AUG offices.

When should I apply for the course that I want?

You should apply as soon as your forecast or final results are available to avoid being missing out as some institutions have closing dates for submitting applications.
Medicine and quota courses a year before entry. Visas processing may take up to 3 months.

How can I accept my offer?

You can accept your offer at any of the AUG offices closest to you. Any of our multilingual & friendly counsellors will be able assist you.

How can I arrange for airport pick-up when I arrive at my study destination?

AUG Staff will be assisting you on this arrangement and the representative from your institution will be greeting you upon your arrival at your destination.

Can I study part time if I am an International Student?

All International Students are to remain as full-time students while holding a valid Student Visa.

Can I work in while I study?

Yes, you can work!

20 Hours per week in UK & Australia

15 Hours per week in Switzerland

20 Hours per week in Malaysia

*only during semester breaks or any holidays exceeding 7 days

What are the accommodation options after I arrived at my study destination?

Temporary Accommodation – Hotel, Motel & Backpackers
Long Term Accommodation – Off Campus or On-Campus

What help can I receive if I’m unwell or sick during the course of my studies?

Most education institution has their own health clinic with doctors stationed for the needs of their student on campus.

The medical expenses will be partially covered by the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) insurances for whole duration of your studies. Please be sure that your OSHC is valid at all times as failure to have continuous cover could result in your student visa being cancelled (limited to Australia).

Where can I find my place of worship and religious facilities?

Your education institution will have a prayer room on-campus for your needs.

Which Course? Which Institution?

Before you submit an application, you must be able to answer with confidence the following questions:

  • Do the selected universities and courses adequately address my needs? Consider how they compare in terms of getting a recognized degree in your country, offering the right courses, securing future employment or providing the necessary support.
  • Do I have sufficient financial resources for the completion of my studies?
  • Is the university located in a desirable location? Consider personal safety, respect for international students, affordability or access to facilities.
  • Do I have relatives or friends in the country, host city of university? This may not be a critical point because you may want to start afresh or lead an independent lifestyle overseas.
  • Am I ready to study overseas? Consider carefully if you have a relationship at home or if you are relatively reliant on your family.

If you are unsure of which university and which course you should undertake, our counsellors at AUG will be able to assist you. Please visit us or enquire with us through this website.